A Clinical Trial Could Assist With Dry, Calloused Skin On Your Heels

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Dry, calloused skin on your heels that makes it unbearable to wear some of your favorite pairs of shoes may result in you testing out a variety of skincare products to try to treat the affected skin. If this hasn't worked thus far and you would like to delve further into cures for your skin condition, signing up for a clinical research study may be beneficial.

Learn About Studies

Clinical research studies are performed to determine how safe and effective a new product is so that a manufacturer can stand behind it and market it to pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals, and retailers. New products are being created on a routine basis, and some of them could provide the breakthrough that you and other people with skin conditions have been searching for.

To get started with a clinical trial, contact a local hospital or your podiatrist to acquire contact information for a local study. You can also sign up for studies through an online database. Find out where each study is being held and how long a test will take to determine which ones you would like to participate in. 

Complete The Screening Process

Be aware that you will probably not be picked for every trial that you sign up for. People from all walks of life may sign up for the same trials and the research facilities that sponsor these tests are only capable of serving a specific number of participants. It is best to sign up for trials soon after they have been announced so that you can improve the chance of being chosen.

You will need to complete a screening process for each trial. The screening will involve answering questions about your lifestyle, the condition of the skin on your feet, medications that you are currently taking, and any allergies that you have. If you match the criteria for a study, you will be contacted and briefed further about the impending research study.

Participate In The Study

On the day of the study, arrive on time at the facility where the testing is going to be conducted. Turn off your phone or anything else that could distract you. Before the study begins, you will likely need to sign a waiver. The waiver protects the company that is facilitating the study. You need to be aware that if you suffer any adverse reactions due to the product that is applied to your feet, you cannot sue the manufacturer of the product.

During the study, pay close attention to what the administrator of the group is saying and follow their instructions. After a product is applied to your heels, you will need to wait a specific amount of time before providing input about the product. For more information, contact your local podiatry clinical trials.