Caring For Your Feet And Ankles

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It's important for you to do everything you can to treat your feet and ankles the way they should be treated. Your feet and ankles are put under a great deal of stress each day, especially if you work at a job that has you on them for a good portion of the day, or if you have a hobby that puts your feet under even more stress, such as running or hiking.

You should be sure you have all the tools possible to truly pamper and properly care for your feet so you can avoid aches, pains, and the development of painful foot conditions like bunions and/or plantar fasciitis. If you already have some of these ailments, reach out to a professional, like Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center. In the meantime, here are some of the tools you should look into getting for your feet and ankles.

Proper shoes

Always wear the right shoes for the sport you are playing. Try to avoid wearing high heels at all costs. High heels can be horrible for your feet, and they can lead to a variety of problems including bunions and plantar fasciitis. Get shoes that also support your ankles so you don't twist them if you lose your footing.

Non-slip socks

Invest in non-slip socks you can wear around your house. This will help to prevent you from slipping and tripping on any of the smooth floors you have like the ones commonly found in the kitchen and bathrooms. This can help prevent you from sliding into hard surfaces and breaking your toes or injuring your ankle.

A foot spa

A foot spa is a great investment you can use after a long day on your feet to soothe them and make them feel nice and relaxed.

A vibrating foot massager

If you've ever sat in one of the chairs at a big shopping center or amusement park that has an area for your feet that vibrates, then you already know what a great feeling this is. You can purchase a smaller version that you can set in front of your favorite chair. The vibrating sensation can really help to take away aches and pains.

Frozen plastic water bottles

It's a very good idea for you to make sure you always have a couple of small frozen water bottles in your freezer. If you find that your feet are hurting for any reason, such as a flare-up of plantar fasciitis, aches due to standing on them too long, or even pains from wearing the wrong shoes, then you can roll the water bottles slowly under your feet to get instant relief.