Podiatrists Hate Flip-Flops

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If you were to walk into your podiatrist's office wearing flip-flops, they would probably want to put you in a time-out. Podiatrists hate seeing people walking around in flip-flops because they know just how bad they are to your feet, as well as just how much other risks they bring with them. You can learn about some of the reasons that podiatrists have such a hatred of flip-flops by reading the information that's being given to you here:

Flip-flops offer your feet no proper support

Not only will flip-flops not give you the arch support that is so important to keep your feet healthy, but flip-flops will offer you the opposite: bad arches that cause harm to your feet. You will constantly be walking on a flat surface, and wearing these shoes is really no different than walking around barefoot all the time. It's good for you to wear shoes a good part of the day because good shoes are designed to offer lift right where your arches need it to promote their healthy structure.

Flip-flops don't protect your toes

When you are wearing flip-flops, they can give you a false sense of security. You will feel as if you are wearing shoes when you have them on your feet, but they will do nothing to offer your toes protection, as well as the rest of your foot. This means you can actually be increasing your chances of stubbing your toes when you are wearing them because at least when you are barefoot, you will be conscious of the fact that you should be walking carefully and watching where you step carefully.

Flip-flops can cause you to trip easier than any other shoe

A lot of flip-flops have very thin soles, and the front of them will protrude out from under your toes. The flip-flop can actually fold under when you go to take a step, and this can lead to you falling forward and really injuring yourself. Also, it can be dangerous for you to go either up or down stairs when you are wearing these shoes. The front can catch on the stairs when you go up them, and when you go down the stairs, they can come right off of your foot, which can send you flying down the stairs. It can also be hard to climb any surface that is even slightly elevated and just as difficult to go down a slight decline.

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