Helpful Steps Podiatrists Recommend For Dealing With Ingrown Toenails

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At some point, you may experience an ingrown toenail on one of your toes. This problem can cause you a lot of pain. If you're looking for some sort of relief, consider the following advice. 

Soak Feet In Warm Water Regularly 

If you're looking for an effective home remedy that leads to fast-acting relief, then you might want to consider soaking your feet in some warm water. This will increase the blood flow to your toes, which can take away some of the pain and swelling.

For optimal results, try soaking your ingrown toenail in warm water periodically throughout the day. It's also recommended to put some Epsom salts in the water, as it will facilitate healing and take away soreness pretty quickly. Just keep in mind that these soaks are more of a temporary solution until you get professional help.

Be Selective With Footwear 

Walking around with an ingrown toenail can be extremely painful. Every time you step, the material inside your shoes may rub up against the toenail and cause it more irritation. To put a stop to this pain, you need to be selective with the footwear you buy and wear.

Try getting some shoes that have a wide design around the toe section. You'll then have plenty of space and won't have to worry about your ingrown toenail rubbing against the sides as much. Open-toed shoes or sandals are also ideal for helping you remain comfortable when walking around with an ingrown toenail.

Have Nail Treated Professionally 

If nothing seems to be working in terms of alleviating your pain, then you may need to see a podiatrist in person. This foot specialist has all sorts of techniques they can use to deal with the ingrown toenail.

For example, if the ingrown toenail is mild, they can lift it up and place a splint under it. This will help the nail grow back properly over your skin's edge. If the ingrown toenail is more severe, they can remove a portion of its side. Before doing so, though, the podiatrist will numb the surrounding area so that you don't feel pain.

It's never fun to get an ingrown toenail. Such a simple problem can drastically impact various aspects of your life. The best thing you can do when facing one is to follow directions from a podiatrist. They know this foot problem all too well and will ensure it doesn't greatly impact your life for a long time.