Broken Toe? Signs And What You Should Do

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If you've broken a toe, you may not realize it right away. You may have some pain, but for some, they may not have too many severe symptoms. If you have a broken toe and walk on it for a while because you didn't realize it was broken, you could potentially end up worsening your break and causing further issues. If you have a broken toe, it more than likely needs to be set and you need to stay off of it, or you may need to have surgery. Read on for a few signs of a broken toe and what you can do.

Signs Of A Broken Toe

Again, you may not have any symptoms at all that you really notice right away. You may have simply stubbed your toe and think the pain is just from bruising, but it could actually be broken. If you have severe bruising to your toe or to your feet, or you have swelling in your toe and are unable to bend or move your toe without severe pain, then it could be broken. You may also have a deformity of your toe or your toenail. Your toenail may be bruised severely or could potentially fall off. If you do have pain, you may have a hard time walking or moving around. If you cannot put any weight on that part of your foot, it could be because of a break.

What You Should Do

If you have a broken toe or you suspect you have one, you should seek help from a podiatrist. Your podiatrist can recommend a treatment option to heal your toe properly and to prevent future issues with your toe or your foot. If you have a broken toe, you should never attempt to re-set your break yourself. Don't just wrap it yourself and move on with your day. You need to have x-rays on your toe to see where it is broken and have it treated properly. If you have a break, you may need just a boot to help stay off of it while it heals, or you may end up needing to have surgery depending on the type of break. Going to the podiatrist will help ensure you will heal properly.

A broken toe can feel like nothing but a stubbed toe, or you may feel severe pain. Either way, if you injured your toe and feel that it may be broken, you should go to the podiatrist for a diagnosis and for treatment.