Signs You May Need Foot Reconstruction Surgery

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When you have a need for foot reconstruction surgery, the results can be heavily impactful in benefiting you greatly and improving your life. Foot reconstruction can help you walk better, feel more confident and comfortable on your own feet, and reduce lasting pain.

A foot reconstruction procedure takes a long time to heal from and you won't be able to walk for quite a while after you have the surgery done. This is to allow your foot's bones and toes to heal in their new positions and to keep the process moving forward in a healthy way with less regression. You will have a consult with your podiatrist before you have your surgery to give you the guideline for how long you will be off your feet following foot reconstruction surgery, how long you'll be in a boot after, and which foot you should have operated on first. Podiatrists may not work on both feet at once to keep some mobility free for their patients.

Here are signs you may need foot reconstruction surgery.

You have a high arch

A very high arch can cause it to be painful when you walk around and can make balancing hard. If you have issues with your arch, you may need to have some tendons cut in your arch and your toes to make the composition of your feet much easier. Foot reconstruction surgery may be required if you have lots of pain in your feet due to your high arches.

You have had a bad accident

If you have had a recent accident that involved your feet, then you may need to have foot reconstruction surgery if your feet have not gone back to normal after physical therapy and other interventions have been made. Your podiatrist will watch your feet as they progress to ensure they are healing, and if they don't, foot reconstruction surgery may become necessary.

You have a foot deformity

A foot deformity may be something you can live with that is not entirely painful, but it may make it harder for you to walk around barefoot or wear certain shoes. If you're ready to make the change and improve the appearance of your feet, then consider getting foot reconstruction surgery.

You'll need to schedule your foot reconstruction surgery appropriately so you can time off work and school to get the surgery done. With proper precautions, your surgery can be uneventful and help you get back on your feet and feel comfortable walking around again.